As I browse through a dictionary, approval means favorable regarding a person or thing. Recognition means attention or favorable notice. As a person most of us would want approval for everything that we do. It is important that we receive approval only then we can feel worthy and confident of ourselves. As a nursing professional this can also be true. We seek the approval of our patients, colleges and doctors.

The question is, should the nursing professional just settle for seeking approval or go on a higher plane and concentrate on getting recognition.

Of course, as nursing professionals we do not intentionally seek approval or recognition. What is most important for us is to be of help to our patients. We want to make sure that our patients will get well because of our motivation and help. When this happens, we would wish that the patients would validate us through their approval.

As a nursing professional, how can we differentiate between approval and recognition? Why would it help us in the long run if we focus on being recognized instead of just being given approval?

When a nurse seeks approval she more or less wants to please people around her. These people are the patients, doctors and collections. Sometimes it can have a negative connotation because in order to seek approval you would need to put your best foot forward all the time. It becomes a competition with other nurses because you would need to outshine others so that you will be the one to receive the approval.

On the other hand, when you talk about recognition in the nursing profession, it is all about being part of a team that practice excellence in terms for performing the duties needed. When you are recognized as a nurse, you are complimented for your untiring efforts and contribution to the workplace.

When you think about it, recognition for a nursing professional promises a more lasting effect. It can be more beneficial because it is not only you that are being considered but your collections as well. Recognition can help boost not only your morale but also of the team's. The nursing profession is not about you as an individual but a team effort. Your one goal together is to make sure that you help the patients get better, motivate them that being sick is not permanent and there are many ways for a person to take care of their health.