As the nursing profession continues to evolve and change during the years, one would want to question what will happen to the future. There are new trends and issues that are face and should be addressed for the improvement of the profession.

The nursing profession had its share of issues and problems but one must look past it and consider other factors that can affect it for the future.


Technology improvement in the nursing profession or the medical care industry is extremely bound to happen. With the growth of technology comes a greater dilemma of the nursing professional. The reason for this is the fast growth and popularity of the social media. Social media is about exposing your opinions and thoughts and can be seen by most people. Unfortunately, for nurses, they are not as free to express themselves especially when it comes to patient conditions.

Threats to Health

In the old times, the only thing that most nurses have to worry about is measles, chicken pox and flu. However as the world progressed, there are new threats to the health of the people. Different strains of flu, SARS, H1N1 and other illnesses that were not present before. The nursing professional find themselves helping doctors find cure to these diseases and help the patients to protect themselves. This can also be a health risk for nurses because they also need to be protected as well.

Job Shortage

Perhaps another big problem that most nurses face is the job shortage. In the early years, the promise is that there will be enough jobs for everyone but unfortunately since the market has become more decorated every year; employment has become a big worry for the nurses.

New Roles

When you become a nurse, you are expected to assume different roles. These days, a nurse has become a role model to most people because of the weight of the responsibilities they face every day. Aside from that they are already considered leaders, facilitators and advocates. This is more prevalent these days because they are more than just bedside partners of the doctors.

The issues facing the nursing profession have consistently been changing through the course of the years. The best thing that one can do about it is to learn to adapt, seek changes and find solutions if there are complicated matters to be faced. After all, these things are for the good of the patients and the improvement of the nursing career.