The job of a traveling nurse is not exactly an easy one. Most nurseries are full time at one hospital and in one city, but traveling nurses are nurses who enjoy traveling and enjoy seeing different places. Most nurses go to a different city every 2-6 months.

In this time period, they work in a different city and experience a different region of cultures, and everything is paid by for the nurse's agency. The job of a traveling nurse is to replace the full time nurses that a hospital has lost. Sometimes, hospitals are short of full-time nurseries and need a traveling nurse to fill in.

Occidentally though, the nurses will fall in love with the place they are in. The more time they spend there, the more they enjoy their home and quite possible, a relationship they have found in that city. You may be wondering why you would choose to be a traveling nurse and not just apply for a full time nurse job.

The good part about this is that you get to travel to different places as well as the fact that you get paid about 27-35 dollars an hour. Along with this nice chunk of money, you get full health insurance and dental care. In order to get into this field of nursing, you must have your RN license.

There are a lot of nursing agencies that hire nurses right out of college and taken the NCLEX. Some nurseries are ignoring the great opportunity to travel and can not have this opportunity because they have not taken the NCLEX. They are ignoring the opportunity to travel at a practicable free rate and the fact that your job would be one of the best jobs, with great pay and it is highly wanted around the world.

All in all, nurseries do not stay traveling nurses forever. Most traveling nurse agencies are happy to help you set down once you are ready to do so. They can help you find a permanent place to live along with a full-time job as soon as you're ready to settle down with life.

You can make tons of money, save up, travel, then settle down in a beautiful home with a nice paying, full-time job. You can travel to different cities such as Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco and more all for free. Becoming a traveling nurse right out of college for a few years may not be such a bad idea.