One profession which is highly in demand in today's age is nursing. Because of their importance in the medical community, hospitals and medical facilities are constantly in need of well-trained nurseries and recruiters are doing their best to hire the qualified nurses to fulfill this growing demand.

One of the reasons why nursing is highly satisfying is that it offers something more than just the salary; it offers one the reward of helping the community. The same applies for the recruiters too. Most nursing recruiters are there because they have a passion for staffing medical facilities. With the high demand for nurses, the recruiter's job is a fulfilling one.

This creates a sort of domino effect – the recruiters are happy recruiting nurses, the nurses are happy getting registered which extremely means that the patients are happy that they have sufficient nurses to care for them. With the profession in high demand, it is obvious that there will be lots of qualified nurses waiting to be recorded. This creates a problem of over-abundance which is a challenge which recruiters have to overcome.

Nursing, however, is a very demanding job with long working hours and odd working shifts and it is not unusual to find nurses relocating to a different hospital because it offers better working hours. While recruiting staff, recruiters have to make sure that they are able to find qualified nurses who are willing to join a highly demanding job. Achieving this may involve find out the personal preferences of a particular candidate and ensuring that they are offered a position which they would like.

However, there is a risk to this approach; the risk of promoting something to the nurse which can not be delivered or of projecting something in a way which is not true. Since hospitals prefer to recruit their nursing staff through recruiters as this means that the candidates will be screened initially to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for insurance purposes because it makes better sense for a nurse to approach recruiters rather than looking for a position on their own. But because of the risk of being exposed to false promises, prospective candidates are unwilling to go through a recruiter for finding a job.

Recruiters should there be very careful in dealing with a candidate while exploring for an opportunity and avoid making any commitments which they can not deliver. As a nurse looking for a new opportunity, one should keep in mind that there are lots of exciting positions on offer and scores of sincere recruiters who can help in this regard. But this does not mean that one should apply for a job through the first recruiter that comes their way.

A careful examination of the recruiter's background and track-record should help one in making the right decision about the recruiter one should work with. As for recruiters, it is their duty to treat the nurses who come to them for jobs with the respect and dignity that they deserve. A healthy relationship with both the nurses and the hospitals will ensure that they are justly rewarded for their efforts in the form of an abundance of decisions.