Time management seems to be one of those elusive things for RNs. There are times when you just wish that time would be longer. The reason for this is that there is simply too much work to be done. However, as an RN, you can find a solution to your time management problem. There is a way way for you to work smarter without the stress.

Know Your Priority

It is already established that as a nursing professional, you have a lot of work to do. However, a person has to learn to prioritize the tasks. Which ones are important and have to be finished immediately? Which task can wait? You need to do this so you will not be overwhelmed with your responsibilities.

Avoid Procrastination

As the saying goes, do not put off the things that you can do today. Sometimes you dilly-dally and end up cramming because you were not able to finish the work that you should have done. If you find yourself with some time left before you end your shift, then find a task that you can easily complete instead of waiting for tomorrow to finish it.

Be a Minimalist

Having too much clutter can affect the way you do your job. If you have too many things cluttering your desk or station then chances are it can be an obstacle for you to finish your duties as well. So make sure that you just put the basic things on your desks. The things that you can leave on your desk are tools that can help you effectively do your job.

Schedule Your Time

It can be a big help if you do a certain chore at a certain time. If you establish a rhythm then it would be easier for you to do many things because you know you have made a schedule of it.

Delegate Some of the Work

You are not a superhero where you can do everything. There are nursing assistants that can help you with some of the light tasks. Delegating would free you from doing your other responsibilities. Remember that you are not one man machine, being a nurse would mean being a part of a team. What good would a team be if you do all the work?

Time management is an important aspect in order for a nursing professional to be successful. One has to learn to develop the proper way of using time management so that tasks will not pile up.