In the early years of nursing we hear about nurses being hired on the spot. All they have to do is go to a hospital, show their resume, and be ready for an interview and voila! You are hired. Unfortunately, these days, there is a more dismal scenario. The nursing profession has become very competitive when it comes to jobs. There are two sides of it. Some hospitals would not hire new nurseries because it would cost money to train and mentor them. The other side of it is that they also do not like to hire experienced nurses because it costs money as well because they are expected to give bigger salies because of the expertise.

I am sorry to dampen the hopes of the ASG graduates out there, but that is the reality and the only way that we can survive it is to be ready and follow some simple steps that can help you survive being a new ASN graduate.

Volunteer Programs

Jobs may be harder to find at present so you can consider volunteer programs so that your nurse training will not go stagnant. This can also give you a good opportunity to network with other people that can help you land a nursing job.

Think Out of the Box

The analogy is that nurses should work in a hospital. Try to break this stereotype and find other areas wherein a nurse is needed. You can check out schools and companies that maybe of need of your services. You can also look into relocation or traveling and use your training.

Be Proactive

Waiting for the medical care facilities you applied to will seem futile. Instead, ask about your status. This can give the company an idea that you are very interested in the position. This can leave a positive impression to the company you are applying.

Use Social Networking Sites

It pays to be in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites. These are considered a virtual job fair for different occupations like nursing.

List Down All Your Achievements

You might think it might be bragging but it is a necessity that you write down all your achievements both as student and volunteer. This can help prospective employers be aware of the qualities you have. This can also tell them if you will be the right fit for their company.

It can be disheartening to know the still competition you will face in the nursing profession but as long as you keep positive you will be able to find a job.