As a nurse, you may be assigned to different departments in a hospital or other medical care facility. Early on in your nursing career you might be looking for a specialty that can help you earn more money. There is really nothing wrong in thinking about salary after all that is the reason why you are working. If you want to consider a nursing specialty that has a high pay then you need to try looking into Certified RN Anesthetist.

If you are wondering what they do, a Certified RN anesthetist gives ancestry to patients. They work and collaborate closely with doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and even dentist.

The next nursing specialty you can go into is the orthopedic nursing. The nurses who specialize here have the design ONC or Orthopedic Nurse certified. This is a specialty that focuses on prevention and cure of musculoskeletal disorders. The nurses under this field are skilled at casting, traction and neurovascular monitoring.

The third thing that you can consider is geriatric nursing. You are tasked to care for the elderly. Most of the patients in a hospital are between the ages of 60 to 70. This is a very important task because most elderly people would need special attention and may need different kinds of medication because of their advanced condition.

You can also consider a perioperative nurse. As a perioperative nurse you are task to take care of patients who will undergo operations or other invasive surgeries. You cooperate closely with the nurse anesthetist, surgeons and surgical practitioners.

The final nursing career that you can choose is the clinical nurse specialist. Your responsibility is to reduce the length of stay of the patient. You are the one who can analyze patient outcomes and in the end save some money for the hospital. When patients recover quickly because of your care then it is a big accomplishment on your part.

There are still many nursing specialties that you can choose from, the mentioned ones are just some of the examples of the department you might want to work at. The life of a nurse is not easy, most of the time it is hectic and complicated. These specialties do not mean you will have a less stressful day ahead of you instead; it will lead you to a specific career that you may succeed in. Even when you are just starting nursing school, you can start looking for the best one that will fit your personality and interest.