Travel nursing in Katherine Heigl scrubs is becoming one of America's fastest growing professions – which is no surprise. If you are a person who loves seeing new places and enjoys new and exciting experiences (which can be like taking an extended vacation), then a traveling nurse's career might be the perfect choice. Travel nursing lets many people stay on vacation for a few months or more each year, in luxurious free accommodations and meeting high hourly wages to boot. In spite of all of these advantages, some nurses shy away from travel because they have had bad experiences with placement agencies, so they have a negative image of travel. They've been underpaid, or lacked benefits, or were given inadequate housing, or had recruiters who were uncaring, unkind, or just unavailable. The unhappy result is that nurses jump from one agency to another in search of a perfect package which never happens right. Therefore, it behooves a necessity to consider everything which is being offered by a prospective staffing agency. For some nurses pay is the top priority; others require a top-notch benefits package; others want to experience the lifestyle in some part of the country. Flexibility in care is often an important factor, together with customer service.

The bottom-line Gray's anatomy scrubs choice depends primarily on one of the four criteria:

Salary , since some agencies offer more money than others do. Keep in mind that agencies may base their salaries on things like the cost of living, location availability, and need-to-fill assignments (such as where the nurse-to-patient ratio is very low; or where a facility has desperate needs) . Nurses who are attracted by high incomes must be ready to accept the heavy and intense workloads they bring with it. You will earn more money, but you will earn every dollar of it.

Location also affects salary. The large east coast cities and California offer the most lucrative pay rates; but the cost of living is also much more expensive in those places. Your particular criteria will determine what your priorities are.

Benefits , since what many companies lack in salary they make up for in benefits. Many agencies have benefits programs including monetary bonuses and discount (and sometimes free ) luxury housing. But These agencies may not measure up in terms of high salary, so every necessity must be aware of what benefits they need most, to ask the recruiter to help develop a package suited to their own personal needs.

For many traveling nurses in hospital scrubs customer service and aid are the main benefits that accrue working with a placement agency. Check out numerous agencies to see whether you get personal attention to questions with a live recruiter, or get an automated brush-off. The point is that when you are ready for an assignment you need an agency which can make it happen quickly and which has the recruiters available who understand your criteria.