To address the lack of nursing positions, the US developed special programs including those related to attracting foreign health workers. It is clear Americans will not solve these problems in short terms. The program of attracting foreign nurses in the United States has a long-term character.

One of the prerequisites for these programs is as follows: foreign nurses intending to work in their specialty in the US must pass a qualifying examination, admission to which includes: firstly, a specialized institution diploma of own country, which trains namely nurses, and secondly – the results of English language exam (TOEFL) with at least 550 points.

Working Conditions

• A nurse enters a three-year contract with the US company;
• Work in a specified health facility;
• First two months of stay in the US are adaptable. A nurse works as a licensed nurse assistant and is preparing for a license test;
• Employer pays the cost of taking the test «NCLEX» to obtain a license;
• After passing the test for a license, a nurse begins to work as a licensed nurse;
• Salary for the contract duration is about 50 thousand dollars a year, depending on seniority and place of employment in the US;
• Employer pays the rent and a car for the first month of residence;
• A nurse obtains health insurance for the whole family for the contract duration;
• At the end of the contract, a nurse can continue working or find another job (she may not work at all, or go to study);
• Nurse, spouses and children are entitled to grants for learning in all higher educational institutions in the USA immediately after entering the country;
• A nurse may want to come to her native country anytime during holidays.

After the end of the contract nurse may:

• extend contract with the company;
• seek employment for a licensed nurse position in any organization independently;
• use second education;
• begin studying.