Nurses need to be very, very patient. Becoming a successful and effective nurse not only requires you to have the educational qualifications and license, but also some qualities and skills that will enable you to perform better.

As a nurse, you need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically strong enough and be totally committed and dedicated to the profession. Nurses are almost always attending patients who need care and attention. Apart from treating patients medically, it is essential that you provide support emotionally.

Here, you need to care, understand and stay non-judgmental about the patients. Patients of all age groups like infants, teens, adults and olderly need to be treated with equal care. Being a nurse also requires you to treat patients of various social standings, race and religion in the same manner. As a nurse, your duties depend upon the type of institution that you are attached to.

Your patients may range from being sick, physically challenged or going through traumatic mental issues. A successful nurse is one who can stay detached with the patients or their conditions. Getting too attached or involved is bound to affect your performance and prevent you from providing the necessary treatment.

As a nurse, you are expected to stay well informed about various methods of treatment. Apart from being intelligent and organized, you need to be skillful enough to multi-task within a short span of time. You will have to be well versed with your patient's medical history and present condition, the prescribed treatment and with handling necessary medical equipments.

A sound knowledge of math and science could prove very handy. Most of the time, nurses are expected to perform conversions on doses. Since they will be often exposed to various bacteria and viruses, knowing about preventive care could prove very useful. A good nurse should be able to understand and communicate with the doctors and co-workers.

You should be smart enough to latch on to any instructions given by doctors or nurse managers. Speaking and understanding several languages ​​could prove to be a big boon and so is a good knowledge about sign language. Very often, doctors are so busy that they may not know of all developments in a patient's condition.

But an expert nurse will soon spot the changes in the condition of the patient and report it to the doctor concerned, even if the patient himself does not complain. The change need not always refer to physical condition but even a behavioral change should be attended to.

Being a nurse can be exhausting. Since most of the time, hospitals and nursing homes face a shortage of nurses, the available nurses may be asked to work over-time. There are many instances when nurses work non-stop for almost 36 hours, if necessary. But such extreme cases are reported only in hospitals which are grossly under-staffed.

But the important point is, as a nurse, you are going to be in constant company of patients and hence become more susceptible to infections and diseases. Staying healthy is a must to combat such problems and only by staying healthy, you can render complete service to the patients as a nurse.