Even without occasions, nurses are natural gift-givers. They are the people who give their patients different gifts in the form of caring for them and making them feel comfortable during the time when they are in the most uncomfortable situation in their life. Whether you are a BSNs, APNs or RNs you give your patients different kinds of gift daily. However, these gifts are not the regular ones you buy in stores. These are precious and a price tag is difficult to pin on these gifts.

Compassion and Understanding

Perhaps, these two gifts are the most precious of all. The patients receive so much compassion from the nurses. They take care of them diligently and they make it a point to help them recover from their sickness. They are not only taking care of the patients but they also motivate them so that they will recover from their sickness.

Laughter and Humor

BSN nurses realize that patients suffer from pain. They know what some of the hardships that patients go through when they are in the hospital. That is why they try to lighten up the mood by providing humor and laughter. They realize that laughter will not only lighten up the situation but it can provide an outlet to patients.

Courage and Bravery

The public realizes that nurses are not only our bedside motivator and cheerer. They also play different roles that can display their courage and bravery. Nurses are in the front line when there are calamities or natural disaster. They risk their lives by helping injured victims from these calamities. They do not think about their safety, rather they focus on how to be of service to the community in times of disasters.


Nurses are part of the innovation that changes the field of nursing. They have contributed different changes that can help the patients as well as improve the medical care system. Of course, there is still a long way for the situation to be ideal but at least nurses are thinking of ways in order for patients to be able to receive the best care possible.

When we think about gifts, the first thing that comes to our mind is the store bought ones, nicely wrapped in shining paper. But thanks to these nurses we are exposed to gifts that are not found in stores. These gifts are precious and each patient who received these gifts is thankful for them.