We all know that nurses are sometimes not part of a family reunion or gathering during events. This is primarily due to the nursing shifts that they have to do in order to fulfill their jobs as RNs, BSNs, or LPNs. They have to sacrifice the time away from their family in order to be of help to the hospital patients. That is why when holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's come they console themselves. They think more positively during these times that they are not with their family. Here are some perks the nurses think of when they are serving their shift on a major holiday:

Overtime Pay

Of course, money is not everything but it can help you be motivated when you work on a holiday. You receive a bigger pay and this can help you save up for the future. You can also use the overtime pay to pay the bills and have extra cash on hand.

No Cooking Responsibility

Let's face it; sometimes it can really be stressful when you are assigned to cook during the holidays. So many preparations that you need to do. Writing grocery lists, grocery shopping and food preparation can really take its toll. During this time, hospitals provide fantastic meals to the medical staff for them to enjoy.

Witness to Special Moments

People think of hospitals or health care facilities as dreary places to be with. But with special holidays and occasions you can be the witness to special moments between families and patients. You get to enjoy these light-hearted moments as nurses.

Realization of Luck and Happiness

When you witness the special moments of the patients with their families, you are also reminded that you are also lucky to have such understanding loved ones who let you do your job to make other people feel better. You realize that you are lucky because you have the ability to help and be of service to many sick people.

Holidays are usually events that we spend time with the family. However, as we look at it, nurses sometimes are the people who sacrifice a lot during these special times. They do their duties because they know that their patients need them. Despite this sacrifice, they still think positively about their situation. The resilience of the nurses is being shown here. They make a way to make sure that even though they are not with their families, they spend this special time in a worthwhile cause.