It is alarming to hear some ASN nurses say that they are “just nurses.” I wonder why they have to think that way when the job that they do can not be done by most people. ASN nurses need excellent skills in almost every aspect of their job so it is a bit sad to hear them say that they are “just nurses.”

Once and for all, ASN nurses should realize that their work and career is something to be proud of. It is not every day that you can brag that your job is about saving lives of people. You need to stand tall and proud when you say that you are a nurse.

Excellent Skills

Nurses have to learn different kinds of skills in order to be successful in their work. One has to be good in comprehension and analytical skills; they also have to be good in giving and understanding directions. Aside from that they also need to perfect the art of being a good listener. If you think these things are easy to come by then think again. One has to be exceptionally good to get all of these skills that is why this is one reason why being a nurse is an exception.

Admirable Traits

In recent surveys, they are considered in the highest rank of people to be trusted. This is rightly earned because in the nursing profession they are trained to be discreet and keep confidential matters to themselves. They are one of the breed of professionals who are hardworking, diligent and patient in almost all aspects of their work.

Communication and Compassion

Perhaps two of the most important traits that they should have are communication skills and compassion. Good communication skill is necessary so that there will be no misunderstanding with the patients. This is also necessary so that instructions can be conveyed well. Compassion in this profession is something that is very valuable. People who are sick would need this kind of treatment. Patients suffer from pain and discomfort because of the illness that they have to end. In order for them to feel better someone has to show compassion towards them.

I do hope that the nurses would realize how valuable they are. I do hope that putting themselves down as a habit would stop immediately. What they need to focus on is their exceptional talent as a nurse who have diverse skills and talent that is of help to the community and to mankind.